Your biggest competitor is a spreadsheet

Matthew Zammit

Oct 24, 2022
If you’re a SaaS startup, odds are your biggest competitor is Microsoft Excel.

Think about it: people don’t buy the problem, they buy your solution. That means if your product doesn’t solve their problem better than a custom spreadsheet they’ve created themselves or used with their friends or coworkers, then they aren’t going to buy it.

That’s why explaining why their current way of doing things might not be the best is so important.

For many people, that “current way” is a simple Spreadsheet.
They don’t know there’s a better way of doing things because they haven’t seen it yet—and even if they did, how would they know what to do with it?

So how do you make them see that there’s an easier way?

Well, first off… you need to show them how much time and money they’ll be saving by using your product instead of Excel (or whatever else). You can also add value by showing them what else the product does that makes their lives easier. The real question is: do you solve it better than anybody else? If yes, then go for it!

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