What my partners say about working together

Matthew showed outstanding knowledge and abilities to simplify and clarify NeuralSpace’s product. As a startup, we went through six weeks of mentorship with him and came out with a complete redo of our entire communication material, including website content, slide deck, elevator pitch and sales material. Although we communicated our solution in the most technical language, he quickly understood what we do and helped us to clarify it. Overall, I can highly recommend working with Matthew.

Felix Laumann

CEO, NeuralSpace

I remember you being super helpful and enthusiastic during our 3 month engagement. You gave us a ton of tips that proved to be invaluable when we were building out the product.
Adrian Mizzi

CTO and Co-founder, Weavr

Matthew worked with us to help us define the positioning of our product. He helped us be more clear and direct, speak to the needs of our market rather than us talking about us. Super excited of our new positioning!

Thank you Matthew! 🙂

Abhinov Balagoni

CEO and Co-Founder, Pax Credit

Thanks for taking time out to discuss our business and help us understand our narrative and approach. Your feedback and insight were constructive. We have started thinking of ways to implement some of the feedback into our company. We will be happy to work again with you soon as well.

Adewale Tusuf

Co-founder and CEO, TalentQL

Please book a session with Matthew. I had the opportunity to work with him a few years ago in Malta. He provided an immense amount of value and insight in a short period of time. The work we did together on our product provided the basis for growth.
Luca Del Mese

Head of Sales, (Stealth)

It was a pleasure meeting you and thank you so much for your time and valuable insights. We will incorporate your perspectives as we formulate our overall growth strategy and shall reach you in case we need further help and advice.

Sanjoy Roy

CEO, AskSid AI

Matthew has been a great mentor for us. He took the time to understand our product, our goals and our technology. He helped us to explain our ideas in a simple way and gave us valuable feedback as well.

PS: You are a true inspiration to the Product geek inside me!

Mohammad Issa

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Onex

Big thanks from both of us. Really enjoyed working with you and am especially pleased with the results. I’ll let you know once launched. 🙂

Edgar Aronov

Co-founder, Eventornado

I’d like to express my appreciation to you for sharing your thoughts and spending your time to give us helpful insights. I was really impressed with how you communicated your lines and got our attention. Our team took a handful of notes from the sessions and we found many interesting points to iterate with the product.

I’ll reach out to keep you informed of how we have applied your perspectives to our progress. Thanks!

Hasbi Asyadiq

Founder and CEO, Assemblr

Matthew was extremely engaging and informative. One of the best workshops I’ve attended!

Cecilia Mzayek

CEO, Celuna

I was struggling with talking about the product and explaining what we do, but after working with Matthew I got a better idea on how to explain our service without complicating the explanation.

Thank you Matthew! 🙂

Nikolai Callus

CTO, Zink Digital

It was a pleasure meeting you to discuss GAGA. We have learned today about the importance of having the weekly meeting with the team to restate our vision for the short and long term and align the team together. Also, you brought a very valuable point that we should build our team either fully remote or fully in the office to build the culture in the right direction. Furthermore, thanks for your two books recommendation. Our team will be working on addressing these items and we truly appreciate your time and feedback.

Abdullah Al-Khorasani


Before working with Matthew we were struggling with communicating clearly the value we provide. After, I felt that we have more clarity on how and where we should communicate with the audience. We worked together on our 5 year vision and the strategy to get there.

Very glad we took the time to do it, it was very helpful for us to start planning this. Also, the way he presents his work makes the whole thing even better!

Sean Aquilina

Founder and CEO, eggcrate

I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for the support you extended throughout our journey in Techstars. You had shared invaluable information regarding our business and especially the pitch deck which I included. We are now fundraising and receiving great responses from angels and VCs in the region. I will keep you posted on our progress and hope to remain in touch.

Ambreen Khan

Founder and CEO, Meat-o-door

Matthew made a significant contribution to the development of our product and the processes that keep it running. He was able to translate complex ideas into simpler ones, communicate his vision clearly and concisely and make connections between our team members and their individual responsibilities while focusing on what’s best for the customer and the value for the business

Branislav Rovný

Operations Director, Vodafone

He’s great to make speedy decisions on the spot as necessary for the business. Challenges whatever is not simple, efficient or cost effective. He also trusts others to deliver on their commitment and keeps them accountable.

Georgiana Agius

CX Manager, Vodafone

Matthew is a great resource for startups looking to build their brand and strategy. He helped us focus on our audience as well as the big picture of where we want to be in the next few years and how to get there.

Leanda Keith

Co-founder and CEO, Secura

Thanks for sharing your valuable insights and experience to help us think with more clarity, and to proceed with confidence. As per your plan, we are working to secure the first 10 merchants before going to market to get feedback from them and to be in a better position to market our product to future clients.

Ammar Almaatouq

Co-founder and COO, Torod

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