Build better products, faster

Go beyond building things right and build the right things. Work with a Product leader to help you define your product strategy, for 1-on-1 mentoring, or when you need a more hands-on approach to support your product teams for a period of time.

Ways of working together

Building a product can be a challenge. As a Chief Product Officer (CPO), I help Founders, CEOs, team leaders and their teams to see the entire picture, understand the focus areas, and prioritize what to work on. This way we build better products faster by focusing on the objectives, outcomes and results that matter most.

Product Advising

Get help with your startup and product growth challenges. This could be related to strategy, team structures, UX flows, growth targets, achieving a specific goal or solving a product issue.

Ideal for Founders and in-house Product Leaders to have ongoing input. Also used by junior product teams to refine their strategy and work on issues with an experienced product leader.

  • 1-on-1 advisory or fixed-scope projects with set deliverables
  • Starting from 4hrs/month retainer
  • Monthly retainer


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Fractional Chief Product Officer

You need a strategic product leader to define your product strategy and grow the product. During this engagement I work very closely with the CEO and leadership team to help define the product vision and a plan to achieve it.

This low-touch engagement is ideal for those who’d like to have a senior product leader on board without committing to a full time role.

  • Part-time strategic support for a longer period of time
  • 1-2 days a week for 6-18 months
  • Monthly retainer


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Interim Head of Product

This is a hands-on engagement where I work with your product team and help product managers make sense of the daily work and the struggles.

This is ideal if you need an interim Head of Product to set vision, build the product organization, recruit the team and define ways of working. Also available for growing products while aiming to deliver on ambitious targets.

  • Full-time strategic and operational support for a short period of time
  • 3-4 days a week for 3-9 months
  • Day rate or Fixed fee


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One-off Micro-Consultation


This is a very cost-effective way to get expert advice, fast. If you’re interested in a 60-minute coaching sprint to solve a challenge or help you make better decisions, you can sign up for one here. The 60-minute Micro-Consultation is at a one-time fee of $200.

60-minute micro-consultation


How I help startups grow

Product Vision and Strategy

Defining the future state of the Product and a clear path to achieve the Product Vision. Guiding the company where to add more value for customers and the business.

Product Organization structure

Structuring the Product teams including PMs, Design, Data and Engineering. Directing the teams to find a solution to problems in a data-driven and creative ways.

Roadmapping and Prioritization

Aligning product performance to the company’s north stars and balancing revenue objectives with investment in more strategic and longer-term product development.

Product-led growth

Focusing on the product as the primary way to attract, convert, and retain users. Understanding the levers that drive business growth and actioning them.

GTM strategy

Building a tactical plan detailing how your company plans to execute a successful product release and promotion, and ultimately its sale to customers.

Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring Founders, Product Leaders,  and Product Managers to enable them to successfully delivery on their product areas, unlock obstacles and grow in their careers.

What they say about working together

Matthew has been a great mentor for us. He took the time to understand our product, our goals and our technology. He helped us explain our ideas in a simple way and gave valuable feedback as well. 

Mohammad Issa
Co-founder/Head of Product, Onex

Big thanks from both of us.
Really enjoyed working with you and am especially pleased with the results. I’ll let you know once launched. :)

Edgar Aronov
Co-Founder, Eventornado

You had shared invaluable information regarding our business. We are now fundraising and receiving great responses from angels and VCs in the region. 

Felix Laumann
Ambreen Khan
Founder and CEO, Meat-o-door

Frequently Asked Questions

Get in touch if you have any more questions.

Who is your ideal client?

I typically work with early-stage SaaS, Tech or mobile app companies that are building high-growth businesses. Ideally, they have some traction and at least $30k in MRR, although it isn’t a requirement and I’ve also worked with pre-launch and pre-revenue startups. I work closely with both the founder and the product teams during our engagement.

How many clients do you work with?

I work with a small number of clients, typically no more than 3 companies at a time. To ensure we’re a good fit, I provide a free discovery call to learn about your business and needs. If you decide to move forward, we’ll discuss the details of an ongoing relationship.

How long does a consulting engagement last?

I typically work with clients for between 3-12 months. My minimum commitment is at least three months. I enjoy working with companies and people who I believe will be a good fit long term. I also offer one-hour micro-consultation engagements for tackling one-off challenges.

Do you have an advising system?

I do not have a set advising system. Every relationship is different, and I believe that each one requires something very different given the age of the business, the founder, the product, team, etc. My goal is to listen closely and learn as much context as possible before making any recommendations.

How do we start the relationship?

After we have a discovery session and believe there is a mutual fit, I require the first month’s payment before getting started. Once that payment is complete, we schedule an initial 1-hour session to get to know each other and learn about your business, its challenges, and how I might be able to help.

Do you do in-person meetings?

All of my sessions are virtual through Zoom. On longer term engagements I sometimes meet the team face to face. This is arranged individually with each client.

When are you available?

I am generally available between 9:00 and 18:00 CET Monday through Friday. If you need me outside of those hours, I will always do my best to free up some time to connect.

How do I set up a call to learn more?

To get the process started, you can click the button below to submit an inquiry.

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For the past 15 years, I’ve helped startups and organizations build their products and take them to market. Today I partner with business Executives, Startup Founders, CEOs and Product Managers, and help them scale their product organisations including hiring, product strategy, roadmapping, prioritisation, getting to product-market fit and mentoring product teams.