Helping early-stage SaaS startups get to the next stage faster.

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From Idea to MVP for Automotive Mobile App

Together with the founding CEO, I took the product from idea to MVP. Defined the product strategy and requirements, developed the roadmap, built the product organisation, recruited the product teams, and took the product to market in record time. Continued to lead design, development and product management and increased MAU for the product by 30%+ month on month. Helped raise $4 million in seed finance.

Saved €XXm through Product-Led Growth

Increased the Vodafone Malta mobile app adoption by 249% and the mobile app NPS score by 36 points over 6 months. Additionally, helped to reduce calls going to the call centre by 13.7% through the enablement of self-care functionality for customers via the mobile app and website. This was all done through in-product growth to increase Vodafone’s app penetration, feature usage, and revenue, as well as retain users and reduce churn.

Strategy and Building the Team for EdTech startup

As a fractional Chief Product Officer I developed Veria’s product strategy and roadmap. We created an effective product positioning and brand identity, which then was translated into a persuasive pitch deck that communicated the company’s unique selling points to potential investors. Also assembled and led a top-performing remote product team and initiated the development of the platform. Through this, Veria was able to establish a strong foundation for continued growth and success in the EdTech market.


Building a user-friendly Chrome Extension

As the founder and creator of Ketchup, I developed the Chrome extension as a simple way for users to manage their most frequently visited websites and to open them all at once. Today, Ketchup has gained traction and is being used by various users worldwide as a more efficient alternative to the bookmarks bar. With its intuitive design and time-saving functionality, Ketchup has become a go-to tool for those looking to streamline their browsing experience.

Product Positioning for an AI language platform

Neuralspace engaged me to help them position and explain their product in a clearer and simpler way. Their AI language platform performs better than many of the market incumbents however they were finding it difficult to highlight their value proposition. Over the course of 6 weeks we deep-dived into their product with the CEO, CTO and the team to distill the value and come up with a positioning which they could use. This new positioning was then used in their pitch deck, website and all other Comms channels.

Ongoing input and advisory for Head of Product

At Onex Medical I partnered with the Co-Founder/Head of Product to assist with the daily challenges of their Product function. Supported the co-founder with defining the roadmap, assisted with defining the team structure and ways of working as a remote team, cross functional alignment, and how to prioritise based on OKRs and goals. Throughout this 3-month engagement the founder became more confident to lead the Product organisation. The engagement continued as monthly checkins to assist with any new challenges.

Positioning and Advisory for a fitness platform

Clarified the product vision and worked with the founder of Duxata to be able to communicate it effectively to customers and investors. Before working together, Duxata struggled to differentiate itself from the established competition in the fitness and coaching space and was struggling to gain traction. The new positioning and messaging were used on the new website, and eventually a targeted VC deck that clearly communicated the opportunity, leading to more effective conversations with customers and exciting investors to invest.

New product direction for a relationships app

WeConcile worked with me to improve their mobile app aimed at improving relationships. Together, we found the unique positioning and messaging to explain the product, developed an effective elevator pitch, and prioritized the roadmap. They even rebuilt their pitch deck from the ground up during our engagement. I also provided guidance on a potential new direction for the product aimed at B2B. The founders were delighted with the work done and the clear focus on the roadmap.

Matthew has been a great mentor for us. He took the time to understand our product, our goals and our technology. He helped us to explain our ideas in a simple way and gave us valuable feedback as well.

PS: You are a true inspiration to the Product geek inside me!

Mohammad Issa

Co-Founder & Head of Product, Onex

Strategic direction and readiness to raise funds

Worked as a Lead Mentor to early-stage startups forming part of the accelerator. Deep-dived into their ongoing challenges of building their companies and their products. Also prepared the startups for Demo Day where at the end of the program they got to pitch in front of investors to raise a next round. Acted very closely with founders through their Product challenges, Customer Flows, Positioning and Pitch Decks. Advised over 40 Startups across multiple countries who raised multiple millions in funding after working together.

Coaching and mentoring for Product Managers

Provided Startup mentoring and product advisory for Product managers and Founders. Most of my focus at ProductMentors was on junior PMs helping them through the challenges of a new role and scaling their existing role and influence. Worked with various PMs on their 90-day strategy in a new job and mentored them in getting started for success. Other areas explored were how to manage the PM relationship with a Founder, interactions between the different functions of Product, Tech, Design, Data and Marketing, setting up Product Strategy as the first PM on a team and putting together a go-to-market strategy.

Messaging and UX flows in preparation for growth

Detailed Eventornado’s Positioning and Messaging together with the Co-Founders. Defined their product strategy, ideal customer profile, competition, pricing and clarified their USPs to explain what they offer in a simple and clear way. Delivered the new website UX flows with the redesigned positioning ready for their UI designer.  This led to the team redoing their full website with the new messaging and preparing them for the next phase of growth.

Defining a new service for SaaS companies

The CEO of an agency wanted to launch a new company dedicated to servicing SaaS startups. The team was struggling with communicating clearly the value they provide. Together we worked on positioning, product definition, messaging and the ideal customer profile. Once the team was clear and more comfortable with the positioning, we defined their 5 year vision and the strategy to get them there. The new product was then quickly launched to get interest from prospective clients.

Before working with Matthew we were struggling with communicating clearly the value we provide. After, I felt that we have more clarity on how and where we should communicate with the audience. We worked together on our 5 year vision and the strategy to get there.

Very glad we took the time to do it, it was very helpful for us to start planning this. Also, the way he presents his work makes the whole thing even better!

Sean Aquilina

CEO, eggcrate

A new team and a new Mobile App

Led a team in rebuilding a customer-facing mobile app as native apps for iOS and Android, defining and building the business case for the required resources and separating from the agency previously building the app. Worked closely with the  tech teams to hire engineers for the agile squad dedicated to the project. I also managed the roadmap and eventually trained a new PM as a successor to oversee the app’s successful launch.

Vision and Strategy to guide company decisions

Put together and launched a digital strategy and 5-year vision for Vodafone Malta, addressing customer pain points and anticipating market trends. The strategy included five pillars: omnichannel service and sales, digital products and data, personalized marketing and customer relationship management, paperless processes with AI and automation, and re-imagined office space and employee experiences. Acted as a digital evangelist to successfully introduce and implement the strategy company-wide.

Enabling website and app for customer support

Led the cross-functional team that reduced calls to a call center by 13.7% and contact frequency by 29% in one year. by implementing strategies across the company. These included improving website and mobile capabilities, targeted CRM campaigns, agent training, and back-end process improvements. By enabling self-care functionality and improving agent training, we were able to significantly decrease call volume and improve the customer experience.

Business segment growth

Market growth for Niche Markets. Managed the product roadmap and drove growth for youth, student, international, and other niche markets. This resulted in a 35% increase in the segment and a 31-point improvement in the NPS score. This included managing the growth of new lines and migrations from competitors, as well as targeting tourists and international calling. Also increase the segment’s product offerings and marketing efforts to attract and retain customers in these niche markets.


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Matthew showed outstanding knowledge and abilities to simplify and clarify NeuralSpace’s product. Although we communicated our solution in the most technical language, he quickly understood what we do and helped us to clarify it. Overall, I can highly recommend working with Matthew.

Felix Laumann

CEO, NeuralSpace

How I help startups grow

Product Vision and Strategy

Defining the future state of the Product and a clear path to achieve the Product Vision. Guiding the company where to add more value for customers and the business.

Product Organization structure

Structuring the Product teams including PMs, Design, Data and Engineering. Directing the teams to find a solution to problems in a data-driven and creative ways.

Roadmapping and Prioritization

Aligning product performance to the company’s north stars and balancing revenue objectives with investment in more strategic and longer-term product development.

Product-led growth

Focusing on the product as the primary way to attract, convert, and retain users. Understanding the levers that drive business growth and actioning them.

GTM strategy

Building a tactical plan detailing how your company plans to execute a successful product release and promotion, and ultimately its sale to customers.

Coaching and Mentoring

Mentoring Founders, Product Leaders,  and Product Managers to enable them to successfully delivery on their product areas, unlock obstacles and grow in their careers.

What they say about working together

Big thanks from both of us.
Really enjoyed working with you and am especially pleased with the results. I’ll let you know once launched. :)
Edgar Aronov
Co-Founder, Eventornado

You had shared invaluable information regarding our business. We are now fundraising and receiving great responses from angels and VCs in the region. 

Felix Laumann

Ambreen Khan
Founder and CEO, Meat-o-door

Matthew has been a great mentor for us. He took the time to understand our product, our goals and our technology. He helped us explain our ideas in a simple way and gave valuable feedback as well. 

Mohammad Issa
Co-founder/Head of Product, Onex

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For the past 15 years, I’ve helped startups and organizations build their products and take them to market. Today I partner with business Executives, Startup Founders, CEOs and Product Managers, and help them scale their product organisations including hiring, product strategy, roadmapping, prioritisation, getting to product-market fit and mentoring product teams.