How Listnr can improve their homepage conversion by changing 2 things!

Matthew Zammit

Apr 15, 2021
Here’s how can do 2 changes to their homepage to improve their conversions.

I’ve been doing more homepage reviews every week and this is the first raw real-time review I’m sharing publicly 🔥

Will share more of these if you get value from them and there’s good feedback on this longer video.

Timestamps below to go to a specific section.

00:00 Intro
00:39 Making the value clearer from go
01:33 Changes to the call to action button for better conversion – It’s too early to sign up!
03:00 The visual to explain your product
03:30 Missing Social Proof
03:44 The biggest issue with this homepage and how to solve it
05:43 Why to stay focused on your core positioning
06:20 Seeing the tool in action is a great way to convince a visitor that this is the tool for them
06:50 And better yet… Allow the visitors to use it without any blockers and experience the tool
08:22 The right place in this flow to drive conversions
08:50 The use of testimonials
09:07 How I can help you
09:49 Outro

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