First 5 things to show on your website

Matthew Zammit

Mar 9, 2021

Pretty websites don’t convert.
Fancy GIFs don’t convince anyone to buy.
And clever wording is mostly just confusing.

Getting a landing page first impression right shouldn’t be so difficult!
And I get frustrated daily seeing headlines that don’t say anything, missing CTA buttons and generic illustrations.

Here’s a simple formula which you could use today to improve your pages:

1️⃣ Headline: What value you provide?

2️⃣ Subtext: How do you provide that value?

3️⃣ Product screenshot/People: Help the user see the product. Alternatively, show people using the product.

4️⃣ Call-to-Action: What should they do next?

5️⃣ Social Proof: What are others saying?

It’s so simple to just get started with this and see if you have all 5 sections on your own landing pages.

I could speak about this for a whole day breaking down each section… maybe I should? 🤓

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