Don’t get Stuck Planning

Matthew Zammit

Jan 12, 2023
I was on a call with a Head of Product who put together a Roadmap and was trying to define the granular detail of every single item.
Every single one of them.
No wonder he looked exhausted!
That’s a monumental task.

Not only is it a ton of work to undertake in the planning phase, but let’s be real, things change, priorities shift, and you’ll learn new information as you progress through the later items on the Roadmap.
Typically I only define in detail what’s to be worked on at the moment.

And when working with an engaged team of engineers and designers, that Product Definition can simply be a call. And then I let the team take it over and make it their own.

Remember, a Roadmap is a high-level indication of the steps necessary to achieve your Product Strategy.

Don’t even think about trying to define every single item on day one, trust the process, and keep your eyes open for opportunities to adapt and improve.

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