Cohere website teardown

Matthew Zammit

May 2, 2021

Looking at today. This is a very good homepage!!

but there are 3 things which they can improve to make their homepage experience even better:

1. Improve the position of the items in the hero section;
2. Bring the value more into focus overall;
3. Explain the problem, objections and alternatives.

Timestamps below to go to a specific section.

00:00 Intro
00:24 Making the header easier to be understood
04:15 Missing the “why” should someone use cohere
04:52 Features and how to give them more value
07:15 Why this section would work better earlier in the page
08:00 How they are hiding the real value in the smaller text instead of focusing on it :(
08:36 Summary
09:23 Outro… DM me

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