Behind the scenes: A Product Manager creating a Go-To-Market Strategy

Matthew Zammit

Dec 7, 2022

Join me behind the scenes…

As a Product Manager, sometimes you have to define the Go-To-Market strategy to be used by the rest of the business to grow the product. Come along behind the scenes as we go through the main steps of a GTM strategy, what’s important and how to think about it.

The confidential/practical parts are cut out from the video but you should get a good idea from this.

Here’s what we talk about, and the relevant timestamps…

00:00 Intro
00:10 1. Defining your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
01:32 2. Research Competitions
03:10 3. Develop your Messaging
04:58 4. Setting Targets
06:00 5. Choosing Your Tactics
07:54 6. Feedback / Measuring


1. Defining your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

  • Who they are
  • Where they work
  • Challenges they face


2. Research Competitions

  • Look at Reviews
  • What are people Liking/Disliking/Resonating with about the competition on reviews
  • USP (Unique Selling Proposition)


3. Develop your Messaging

  • Listen to customers
  • ICP pains


4. Setting Targets

  • For the sales team
  • For the Marketing team


5. Choosing Your Tactics

  • Outbound plan
  • Content Plan
  • Partnerships
  • Marketing Strategy
    • Channels
    • KPI/Channel
    • Budget
    • Tech Stack


6. Feedback / Measuring

That should be a good basis for any PM or Founder to put together a go-to-market strategy and iterate from there.

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