Who’s it for? and What’s it for?

Matthew Zammit

Mar 30, 2021

Two very important questions to ask yourself.
They are more important than your actual product features.

As a Founder/Marketer/Product Manager, these are 2 of the most important questions you need to have a very clear answer for.

👉 Who’s it for?
Who are you helping? You need to have a very specific person in mind. Not a random fictional “persona”. I’m sure Sally who’s between 25-40 and has a dog and an active lifestyle could use your product, but who’s it specifically for?

👉 What’s it for?
How are you helping them? Your product is helping someone solve a problem. Either an external problem – achieving something – or an internal one – becoming someone better.

Answer these 2 questions and the rest of your marketing and product roadmap will be MUCH easier and straightforward.