This is why Paid Social is not working for you.

Matthew Zammit

Feb 8, 2021

This is why Paid Social is not working for you.

The reason why most ad campaigns on social media fail is that you are trying to convert someone into an awareness channel with no intent to buy.

They did not log in to Facebook and LinkedIn to get a demo with you, pay for a product or to download your ebook.

They are probably just sipping coffee and scrolling for the next 5 minutes.

They are not there to buy.
So do not expect them to buy.
They are not there to do that.

The best thing to do on paid social is:
1️⃣ Get more awareness
2️⃣ Get a reaction
3️⃣ Have a basic Call-to-action to generate a lead

The best thing you can do with paid social is a direct response.
Then follow up on that lead later.

The struggle is that we want to show attribution for every single channel and every single sale. But the reality is that trying to get attribution 100% of the time gives us marketing noise with less-than-ideal results.

There is a customer lifecycle.
Respect it.

Do not try to convert someone at an awareness stage who has no intent on buying.

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