“they’re telling other people to buy from us”

Matthew Zammit

Dec 10, 2020

“they don’t know we exist”
“they’re telling other people to buy from us”

That’s the journey you have to go through for growth.

And the first challenge is to see where you’re currently at and what to focus on to get the most benefit.

Focusing on Activation when there’s no traffic going to your website would be just wrong. Same if you’re focusing on Retention when no one is actually buying.

The steps go like this…

✅ Awareness: They get to know you exist

✅ Acquisition: They visit your website

✅ Activation: They have a great first time experience

✅ Revenue: They pay for your product

✅ Retention: They come back

✅ Referral: They invite others

What stage are you at?
What do you to improve for the next stage of growth?