The user experience of an all-in-one printer

Matthew Zammit

Mar 14, 2021

Needed a scanner/printer and I think I’ve just earned a PhD trying to set it up! Is there anyone working on disrupting the market here?
This was our experience…

1. Product name 🏷
First of all, this is an All-In-One device, it can Scan, Copy and Print, but somehow still refers to itself as a “Printer” an “All-in-one Printer” 🤷🏻‍♂️

2. Error text 🚫
On the day we got it, we wanted to quickly Scan something and didn’t bother putting in the ink. The device appeared Online but on our first scan got an error saying “busy or unavailable”… 2 hours later turns out you can’t use it without first setting it up with ink.

3. Software 💿
The software comes on a CD… a CD!! in 2021!!!! Had to hunt for drivers online. Could have simply connected a laptop/phone directly to it via Wifi as I do with all my smart home devices.

4. User interface 💻
The UI of the software is stills stuck in 2013 when Skeuomorphism was still a thing. 📦

This is all basic stuff that could have improved our onboarding experience by 10x.

So, when can I get my PhD for managing to get it to scan a page?