The bar is so low in B2B SaaS sales!

Matthew Zammit

Nov 8, 2021

The bar is so low in B2B SaaS selling! If you just work a tiny bit to improve the experience you’re already much better than the rest.
Based on a true story…

I’m looking for a SaaS tool for a client.
After doing all my research, I find what I think is the best one.

Issue 1: No pricing on their website; Live chat does not work, and no one answers me… fill in a form maybe someone gets back to me.
Tip: You’re not giving away confidential info if you put the pricing on your website! People are still going to compare. Just make it easier for people to see what you offer!

1 week later I get a phone call.
Issue 2: If I wanted to chat on the phone I would have called your landline.
Tip: Do not cross channels. Speak to users via their preferred channels. I rarely answer unsolicited phone calls, and the rest of the time I’m in meetings and can’t take calls. This was a lucky one that I decided to answer.

The person on the call wanted to know more about my requirements before being able to put me in touch with the right person.
Issue 2: After 1 week, we’re still at “let me understand what you need”!!!
Tip: If you don’t want to be open on your website, at least allow people to submit all the info you need (if you think your product is THAT complex). Guide us through the important questions on a form or a chatbot – they are built for that.

Day 13… still no one has contacted me back, and I do not have any contact details of Person 1. I go to the website to send them another note that I’m still waiting for an answer. Live chat still not working… I go to G2 and look for alternatives to [company X].
Issue 3: Contact me back!!
Tip: If you make it difficult for a user, at least keep your word and have someone ready.

Day 16… I receive another random call checking whether I got someone to understand my requirements. I explain that I had the initial call and still waiting for the followup.
Tip: Put together a shared repository of customer comms please. It’s easy to do in 2021.

Person 2 assures me that she’ll put me in touch with an Account Executive asap. And follows up on email saying so. I reply back on email… and 3 days later I still haven’t heard anything back!

20 days later and I’m even more confused and lost.
I started wanting to do business with this B2B SaaS and now their processes are turning me away.

Sadly this is the experience with most B2B SaaS.

If you’re in B2B SaaS, please do not be like [Company X].

And I can guarantee that your company will grow that way.