The average time an investor spends on each pitch deck

Matthew Zammit

Jan 30, 2021


That’s the average time an investor spends on each pitch deck (research by DocSend)

… and 46% of that time is spent on the Financials and Team slides!! 💸

Just imagine how clear and direct you need to be to pass your message across!

This means you need to convince someone that your business is ready for investment in the amount of time it takes them to make a cup of coffee.

And you have even less time when someone lands on your website.

This is why the importance of a clear message and positioning cannot be overstated.

Here are some ideas:

💎 Focus on the problem you’re solving
💎 Only speak about what’s really important
💎 Don’t get too techinal!!
💎 Say why is this important for your ideal customer
💎 Focus on the business side not the invention side

Those 5 steps should be the beginning to explain what you do in a direct and clear way.

I help startup Founders explain their products in a simple way and find the next profitable action steps for growth – Matthew Zammit