Thank your UX and CS teams for making your job easier

Matthew Zammit

Dec 23, 2022

Product work is hard.

It’s often a struggle between what you believe is the right course of action and what your team believes is the right thing to do, which can be draining.

Having the right people close to you, people you can trust and who will challenge you to find better solutions can make your job much easier.

Especially, be sure to foster good relationships with your UX and Customer Success teams. They are often more invested in the people using the product than you are, while you are preoccupied with creating a great product.

So, hats off to some of the best UX and CS people who have made my job easier over the last 5 years and built amazing products that people love:

👉 UX: Tim Kawohl, André Ciappara

👉 CS: Amila Omerika, Daniela Azzopardi

Show your appreciation to your UX and CS teams by sending a Thank You message on Slack today ✌️