On Mentoring

Matthew Zammit

Jan 9, 2023

In 2022 I spent 63 hours on calls mentoring Product Managers and Startup Founders from all over the world looking to develop their teams, prioritise their roadmap, build their product strategy, or grow an existing portfolio. 

Here’s why I do it and why you should consider it too:

1. Gaining new insights 
As a mentor, I have the opportunity to learn about the different and interesting product challenges faced by others. It’s a chance for me to see the product world from a different perspective, learn about other industries and even help solve problems that I might not come across in my own work.

2. Personal growth
Mentoring is great to fight impostor syndrome. When I’m feeling unsure of myself and wondering if I’m making progress, I can use my mentoring sessions to think about my own experience and turn it into helpful advice for others. It not only helps others, but it also helps me reaffirm my own knowledge and abilities.

3. We’re all in this together
One of the most rewarding parts of mentoring is being reminded that we all struggle with similar challenges, no matter our level of seniority or where we work. It reminds me that we’re all in this together and can support and learn from each other.

4. Organising my thoughts
Finally, mentoring is a great way for me to keep learning and organising my thoughts. That’s the same reason why I write. The act of teaching helps me better understand and explain my own knowledge and experience. 

Overall, I believe that mentoring product professionals is always worth my time and effort. It’s a chance for me to give back, grow personally, and remember the shared struggles and successes that we all have as product professionals.