Just write it down

Matthew Zammit

Dec 22, 2020

I get asked all the time about the best way to share content when you don’t know what to speak about.

My current opinion:

Just write stuff down even if privately and if you end up deleting 80% of it. The process of writing it down exercises your brain to think like a creator.

And while you’re putting down thoughts and ideas you’ll be surprised at how many other ideas come up… and that’s when you’ll find some good ones.

Some simple things to try:
– schedule 20mins, run a timer and just write;
– go on Twitter and take notes from things which you have an opinion about and then say your version;
– share your “behind the scenes”;

There are no major tricks to be able to post content regularly.

Beat your ego and just post… we’re all bad at it for the first few months until we discover our voice and our rhythm.

Just post.