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Matthew Zammit

Dec 29, 2020

Sometimes you’re too close to your product to see where you’re being too vague… or too technical… or just not clear.

That’s when you need someone to show you how you can be clearer and see new opportunities for growth.

If this sounds like you, I’ve just opened my calendar for free consultations in January and you can book your slot from today – link is in the comments below 👇

This is really valuable for Founders and product teams, particularly of early-stage startups, looking to simplify the way they’re speaking about their products, find opportunities for growth and get more conversions.

In these 30 minutes, you can tell me more about your product and where you need help and I’ll give you actions for what you can do across the growth stages of awareness, acquisition, activation, revenue, retention and referral. We’ll focus on 1 or 2 areas for you to get more value from.

This is not a sales call but a real consultation where at the end of it you go away with actionable insights. I’ll give you ideas about your product, marketing and positioning and what you can do better 🤜 🤛

TLDR: Free growth consultation sessions available in January. Link to book your slot is in the comments below 👇

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