Conserve calories

Matthew Zammit

Nov 7, 2020

You’re in a noisy room.
Someone calls out your name.
You stop… 👇

How did you manage to hear and focus on that??

It turns out that our brain is processing all kinds of sounds and visuals without us realising it.

Most of it is ignored as background noise.
And as soon as anything interesting comes up – such as your name – your brain brings that to your attention… “hey, this might be useful” 💡

We are wired to filter out information and look for an easy answer. This helps us conserve calories and only focus on what will help us survive.

Here’s how you can use this to transform the way you speak about your product:
1️⃣ Only communicate what’s really important. The details can come in later.
2️⃣ Use SIMPLE language that nobody has to burn extra calories to understand.

Anything too complex ignored.
Conserve calories 🍗