All the organisation has to be on board

Matthew Zammit

Nov 24, 2020

When focusing on a Product-Led Growth strategy, it is essential to have all the organisation on board.

Product-Led Growth leads with the value of the product to enable growth, rather than through Marketing or Sales. As users gain value from using the product they will begin to make it an essential part of their day-to-day.

Think Slack and Calendly… or your fave app you just can’t live without… for me, that’s Notion.

One way to work a Product-Led Strategy is by lowering the barrier for a customer to obtain value from your product.

As you add value you start reducing friction from the buying process.

And that’s why all the organisation has to be on board. All your Marketing, Sales pitches, Tech roadmaps and Customer Success calls have to focus on the user and how to become essential to them.

What would a free version of your product look like?
Then you can upsell the users from within.


PS: Yep, that’s why I offer free consultations. We get to know each other. I give you all the value over 30mins and you freely take whatever you get from our call and implement it yourself. If we like each other and you need some more help, we can see how we can work together later

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