5 things every PM should know

Matthew Zammit

Dec 2, 2022

As a Product Manager, you’re an integral part of the business. You’re responsible for building products and putting together a great team. You need to know how to impact the business and use data.

What does all of this mean? Well, let’s break it down:

1. How to build a great team: Product Managers need to build effective teams that can execute—and that means hiring people who can make things happen! As a Senior PM, the team is my Product. They then together build the customer-facing product.

2. How to build a great product: Product Managers are responsible for defining the product vision and strategy, developing roadmaps that align with strategic goals, and driving cross-functional teams toward success through collaboration and communication. And then delivering a product which customers love.

3. How to build a great culture: It’s important for Product Managers to create an environment where everyone feels comfortable speaking up about ideas or concerns without fear of being criticized or ridiculed; where people feel empowered to take risks in order to innovate; where team members feel like they’re contributing meaningfully toward something bigger than themselves (like making customers happy!).

4. How to impact the business: You’re not just responsible for building products—you’re also responsible for helping improve your company’s bottom line by generating revenue through sales activities such as marketing campaigns and lead generation strategies; developing new products; increasing customer loyalty; reducing customer churn; etc., among other things!

5. How to use data: Data can be used at all stages of the product development process—from gathering it up front through research interviews or surveys all the way through analysis after launch (or even post-launch). It’s important for PMs to know when they need what type of data so they can make informed decisions about product development. The more data you have about your customers, the better decisions you’ll be able to make about how they use your product—and what features they want next.

In summary:

1. How to build a great team

2. How to build a great product

3. How to build a great culture

4. How to impact the business

5. How to use data