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Get unstuck and achieve your goals. 🏆

Stick to your plans and get stuff done.

Staying focused and productive is not easy 🤔

You have so many things to do! So many ideas! And your startup requires so much work to grow!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could achieve all you set out to do? However, at time this feels like it requires endless amounts of discipline and a god-like motivation! 

You might be able to push harder for a few days but then you end up again being distracted and demotivated.  

You’re just stuck 😤

Sadly, this is a cycle which we all too often fall into. 

It’s very difficult to see any progress in our business when we don’t manage to complete the small items which we had set out to do. And then we quickly turn to *another* YouTube video followed by a mindless Facebook scroll. #guilty

That’s where you really need some help and where we can help. 

You need someone to help you push through it 💪

Call it whatever your want: an accountability partner, a mentor or even a Boss. 

Surprisingly when you know that someone will be checking your work and holding you accountable to complete it… you get it done!  

“But can’t I just ask a friend?” I hear you say.
No you can’t. Your friend will be soft and give in to your excuses. 

You need (1) to commit to it and (2) someone who is waiting for an outcome (not an excuse).   

That’s why we’ve put together the UNSTUCK packages for people like you who want some one-on-one help in getting your business* back on track.

*Yes, “Going to the gym 3 times/week” is a great business goal which we can hold you accountable for. We are not robots and you should take care of yourself.

How does UNSTUCK work?


Send in your to-dos 


Send in your to-dos and deadline for completion. Think about how you’ll show us that you’ve completed the task. 


Let us know you’ve completed them

We will check on you to make sure you are acting on your to-do list especially if we don’t hear anything from you.


Achieve your goals


You smash through all your goals, become unstoppable and maybe start a unicorn company. 

What will you achieve in 2020?

To make it easier, we’ve put together 3 UNSTUCK packages to choose from depending on your procrastination levels.
If you don’t find a package to meet your needs or still not sure, just email me and we’ll see how we can get you unstuck.

Still not clear? 🤔

Frequently asked questions

Is UNSTUCK good for me? 

If your to-do list is constantly getting longer and you feel like you’re not accomplishing much, then UNSTUCK is just for you. This will help you get an external view on your tasks and an accountability partner to get more done. You’ll be removing stuff off your to-do list in no time!


Is UNSTUCK just for existing businesses?  
Nope! UNSTUCK is particularly great if you have a business idea still “in your head”. Let’s get it out in real life, break it down into achievable tasks and see it grow in no time. You can also get some of the other consultancy services if you need more help to get your company going… just start somewhere!


Do you have a recurring payment option? 
It’s on our to-do list 😉 In the meantime email us if you want to start a monthly recurring payment to make sure you don’t miss out on UNSTUCK from month to month.  

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