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Going to the next level 🚀

Get started with your Growth plan

In the Growth Monthly package, we work together over a period of 3-6 months to improve your business. This is your action and accountability plan where I will be with you along the way to make sure you’re achieving your goals.


👉 Initial consultation Skype Call + recording.

👉 Audit of Digital channels + Actionable report (20-30 pages) as per the Improvement Package.

👉 Detailed plan of action and a minimum of 1 call per month to review progress and plan the next month.

👉Accountability steps and Follow-up throughout the months to reach our agreed goals.


How to get started

The Growth Monthly package starts at €3,750/month and runs for a minimum of 3 months. Please fill the form below briefly describing your business and your top problems with your website/social media/audience/product. If you’re a good fit for the Growth Plan, we will schedule the initial consultation.

Tell me a bit more about your business

It provides me with some more insight into your business goals.

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