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Market Sizing and TAM

Here’s the free Total Addressable Market Template and Evaluation Model.

To access the free template, complete the form then click the arrow on the bottom left sheet and copy it to your own Google Sheet workbook.

A sizable Total Addressible Market (TAM) is very attractive to a VC. TAM is defined as “the existing revenue opportunity available for a product/service”. 💸

Here’s some more info on how to calculate TAM with some options:

Now, whether TAM (together with SAM and SOA) is actually important or not is a different discussion… most VCs would want to see it on a slide so it’s good to have it ready and show that you know your market… happy to continue the discussion 🚀

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You’ve worked really hard on your product, you’ve looked at all the tiny details, your team is amazing, but now you don’t don’t know how to position it in a way which resonates with your customers.

This is an incredibly common problem which I’ve seen happening over and over again… it’s also very destructive! When you don’t know how to present your product’s value in a way which resonates, is memorable and is relatable then pretty much everything else falls apart… branding, marketing, advertising… everything!

That is where I come in.

I help you (Entrepreneurs, Startup Founders, CMOs, Product Managers) explain your product by aligning it with what your customers want to hear… and probably are already telling you!

In this way, together, we’ll refine your ideas and product features and come up with simple, direct messages which actually make sense to your customers. Many times, after getting closer to customers you’ll also discover that you need to re-prioritise some product roadmaps.

I can help you with:

  • Product messaging
  • Customer Experience enhancements (across Product, Brand and Support)
  • Early-stage Startup consulting
  • Product Roadmap alignment
  • Full blown Digital Strategy and Customer-led Transformation

If this is something which you need simply fill out the form below. If there’s a fit, and we see that we can actually help you, you’ll grab one of the available slots to work together.

That’s me speaking about product messaging.

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I’m a Digital Strategist focusing on Customer-led Digital Transformation. My passion for marketing feeds into product management to prioritise development based on customer pain points to impact business operations. I love to break down complex ideas into understandable concepts showing clear benefits and I use this to¬†help you improve your business. Let me help you clarify your message and present it in a way which resonates with your¬†customers.


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